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About Me And My Vision

 I am a career musician, specializing in production and string instruments. I got my start in the music industry first and foremost as a musician. Founder of pop punk project "Party's with Adam" in the mid-2000s at age 14. This got my feet wet on local stages in Chicagoland suburbia. At 18 I moved to Chicago to pursue development as a blues guitarist and was faced with the realization that music in today's era was moving in a multi-general direction. This drove me to pursue the garage blues project "Sol Shine" in 2012 which explored creative avenues of mixing in classic blues with a new era of electronica. Simultaneously I launched "Vice La Blaze" an experimental glitch-hop project with fellow producer Shane Killian.

During these formative years, I developed my knowledge of electronic music production. This led me to eventually co-found "Proper Productions" with a partner, Alex Cunningham. Getting tired of the cops showing up to self-made events, opened up a desire in the team to throw concerts at legal venues in the city. Proper Productions set out to showcase local electronic talent in Chicago and very much succeeded in bringing many musicians to global stages. I was throwing concerts with names like "Manic Focus", "Artifacts", "Space Jesus", "The Walters, Exmag, and other current global touring artists. These names would continue to grow and remain staples in the music industry to this day. Particular collaboration with the Exmag team was pivotal in my development. Watching them was inspiring and they taught me so much. This gave me the desire to get further acquainted with the music industry, I set out in 2013 to become a roadie and tech for Led Zeppelin II, the world's premier Led Zeppelin cover band. I learned the ins and outs of every role from label all the way down to roadie and worked my way into learning each respective role under the guidance of Paul Kamp, a musician to come up with the Smashing Pumpkins in the early 90s and Bruce Lemont, a staple in metal (specifically jazz metal fusion"). This period allowed me to learn the industry in a way that would carry me to the next phase in my career. After a short hiatus, I decided to focus on the business side of the industry exclusively. 

I moved to Denver mid the pandemic, I took on the new city with the intent to find talent to develop alongside my understanding of the music and Art world. 

My philosophy is that the music always comes first.  then I apply modern business strategies to the changing entertainment industry . As labels find their way out the door and independent artists creep their way into the mainstream, I found my passion assisting the next generation cohesively into a new era of Music and Entertainment. 

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